10 x 30M “PRO” PVC Coated Stainless Steel Kits (100 Fasteners per kit)-$110/kit

$1,100.00 AUD
Approx $722.70 USD

or 4 payments of $275.00 with

Product Description

Solar Pigeon Proofing’s mesh will protect your solar panels from potential damage and loss of efficiency caused by pigeons, and debris.  The PVC coated stainless steel mesh has been specifically designed for long lasting and non-rusting quality.  Installing mesh around the perimeter of the solar panels will prevent damage to wiring, corrosion (caused by bird droppings) to your roof and stop animals including birds and rodents living under your solar panels.

Backed with Australia’s longest 6-year manufacturer’s warranty against faulty or defective parts.  Warranty will not cover incorrect installation.  Warranty card enclosed with packaging and must be followed to register and qualify.

Our Solar Pigeon Proofing Mesh Kits securely protects your solar panels without damaging or voiding panel warranty.  Contains commercial grade full aluminium fasteners that will not have any metal on metal reaction with your aluminium solar panel frames.