Bird Proofing Your Roof

Let’s Talk About Bird Proofing Your Roof

Birds in your garden is a pleasure, which is exactly why many homeowners go to great lengths to attract their avian friends for a visit. Some gardeners even install special roosting boxes for their favourite species and if you’ve installed a solar panel array, then you, unfortunately, need to invest in serious bird proofing your roof!

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Tips for When You Need to Stop Pigeons
Getting Under Solar Panels

Birds, especially pigeons, have discovered that the cramped space between solar panels and the roof is an even better roosting site than the traditional building ledge. This is not good, and bird proofing solar panels are essential, because:

Health risk

The mess that pigeons make under your solar panels can be severely detrimental to your and your family’s health because the nests and droppings can contain transmittable diseases (mainly histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis) and ectoparasites (like lice, ticks and mites).

Causes damage

The droppings, being highly acidic, will stain and corrode roofing and other building materials, as well as lowering the efficiency of your expensive solar panels or even damaging them. The nesting material will clog your gutters and may even pose a fire risk.

Higher maintenance

We all have enough to do around the house, so why increase the workload by playing janitor for a flock of birds? A job that never ends. A constant job that makes you re-evaluate the worth of the solar panels.

Fast Facts About Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

More times than most people realise, a very simple solution fixes a huge problem. With those pesky pigeons, consider the following:

Pigeons are opportunistic but determined. Once a roosting site works, they will keep coming back. But by removing access, they generally just fly away to the next opportunity and become someone else’s problem.

Installing our mesh around your panels is a simple and humane method of removing opportunity and denying access for those annoying birds. Either do it yourself – if you are not afraid of heights – or have it professionally done by an approved installer.

If following the clear instructions in the manual, we guarantee our mesh for six years of pigeon protection. This is because both the plastic and the coated stainless steel mesh is UV protected, and we only include durable aluminium fasteners in our kits.

Our standard mesh kit of 30 metres is sufficient for most household installations, with expansion packs of 10 metres available. Installation only takes a few hours, requiring minimal tools. Our HDPE plastic mesh is guaranteed not to damage Colorbond® steel or painted roofs.

About Solar Pigeon Proofing

We are a family-owned, proudly Australian business that understands the installation and use of our products. We wish to keep birds in their natural environment and to keep your environment free from their side effects. Contact us for more information regarding solar panel bird proofing for your house.

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