Solar Panel Protection From Pigeons

Effective Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons

Solar electricity is the way of the future. It is hugely beneficial to the environment, and it has the potential to save users a lot of money on municipal utility bills in the long run, but only if it is properly maintained and protected. We offer effective and affordable solar panel protection from pigeons.

There is no point in purchasing and installing an expensive solar electricity system if it will not be effective in the long run. One of the biggest threats to the proper functioning of your solar system is pigeons. Luckily, you can take measures today to ensure the optimal functioning of your solar power system for years to come.

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Importance of Solar Panel Pigeon Control

The installation of a solar system to fulfil the electricity requirements of your home or business, while saving you a bundle in monthly utility bills, is still a significant investment, which takes some time to pay dividends – something that will likely never happen if you do not ensure that it is properly maintained and protected from certain factors that negatively affect its proper functioning.

Any obstruction or debris that ends up on your solar panel will affect the functionality of the panel. Luckily most debris – leaves, dust, and the like – is swept away by the wind or rain. What little remains or builds up over time will easily be taken care of by your regular maintenance routine. Unlike loose leaves or a bit of dust, pigeon droppings will stick to your solar panels, causing hot spots and significant – and irreversible – degradation of its efficacy over time.

Pigeons like nesting under solar panels and around solar panel support structures. While most of these structures are stainless steel, they can only withstand the rust and corrosion that this causes for so long. In short, pigeons nesting under your solar panels will cause damage, forcing you to replace solar panels and support structures much earlier than you would have had to and costing you a lot of money in the long run.

Pigeons are messy. In addition to the likely damage to your solar system, they will leave droppings all over your roof and around the house, and worse still, dropping marks on your walls, which in a few short weeks, can permanently stain your walls.

What You Can Expect from Solar Pigeon Proofing Regarding Bird Proofing in Australia

When it comes to safeguarding your solar panel installation from the ravages of birds, we are the people to call, offering a wide range of products designed exclusively for effective and affordable solar panel pigeon control.

We offer excellent and prompt service to our customers. From first contact to the conclusion of our business together, you will experience excellent service and sound advice from our highly knowledgeable and professional staff.

Our product range is unique and highly effective. In addition to the traditional stainless steel bird mesh products available on the market, we offer a plastic mesh product that is effective and even longer lasting, as it is not as prone to environmental degradation as steel. We also carry a wide range of fasteners and support materials for solar panels.

We offer fast and convenient countrywide shipping, so we can help you, regardless of where in the country you are. When it comes to bird proofing in Australia, Solar Pigeon Proofing are the preferred local professionals.

About Solar Pigeon Proofing

We’ve scoured the world to find the most appropriate, high quality, and affordable products to help our customers across Australia effectively protect their valuable solar systems from the most common risk factors.

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