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Solar Panels Pigeon Mesh

Protecting Your Solar Panels With Pigeon Mesh is Easy

Could you benefit from protecting your solar panels with pigeon mesh?

Adding solar panels to your home is a significant investment, but one that can pay out over time as you reduce your reliance on mains electricity and enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies a renewable energy source. However, Mother Nature might have different plans — plans that can impact your installation’s effectiveness and the integrity of your roof. Because solar panels often have space beneath them, they provide the perfect nesting spots for birds such as pigeons. As nice as that is for them, it isn’t nice for homeowners.

At Solar Pigeon Proofing, we offer products that help you eliminate this problem and prevent it from reoccurring without the need for a major overhaul of your installation. With durable mesh solutions that fasten to your panels, you can block off the space and ensure birds look somewhere else for their new home. Why should you consider this option?

The Importance of Pigeon Protection for Solar Panels

There are several excellent reasons to consider making this investment, not the least of which is simply avoiding the annoyance of having birds nesting in one or more places around your home. However, other good reasons to install a pigeon solar panel mesh include:

  • Pigeons nesting beneath solar panels can impede drainage, preventing water from running beneath your panels to the spouting on your roofline. These blockages can cause roof damage over the long term.
  • Nesting pigeons means dealing with the waste they generate — not only around your property but possibly on top of your panels, too. Because pigeons can carry pathogens, this isn’t an ideal situation.
  • They’re simply a nuisance — make your home yours, instead of sharing it with uninvited guests.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Pigeon Mesh For Your Solar Panels?

Why choose Solar Pigeon Proofing when you decide that this would be a wise investment? Consider what we’ve done to ensure our products can stand out and provide you with a difference in value and functionality:

  • Our products are incredibly easy to install and do not require professional installation (though you are welcome to use a licensed contractor of your choice). A typical installation only takes a few hours.
  • Our mesh is highly resistant to UV light and the weather, meaning it stands the test of time.
  • We back up our kits and products with a six-year warranty against defects and faulty manufacturing. In nearly a decade of work, we’ve never experienced a product failure yet.

About Solar Pigeon Proofing

Solar Pigeon Proofing is an Australian-owned business creating and furnishing products homeowners can trust to stand up to the challenging environmental conditions we face. After seeing problems with other products on the market and recognising an opportunity to do better, we created our own pigeon proofing kits. With high quality materials and a strong warranty, you can trust this simple and cost-effective pigeon protection for solar panels. Shop now, or let us know if you have questions.


Solar Panel Mesh

Look No Further as We Have All Your Solar Panel Mesh Covered

Increase the life expectancy of your solar panels by investing in high-class solar panel mesh. Don’t let pests intrude in your solar experience, talk to us about how we can help you get rid of them and have you enjoying your panels to maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Solar Panel Wire Mesh

Wire mesh for solar panels is designed to protect your roof and solar installation. With wire mesh, you are mainly keeping birds away from your solar panels, makings nests and leaving their droppings all over the place, which can cause not only damage to your panels but also your roof. When droppings land on the roof, it costs a lot of money to get rid of, but it can also become slippery, which will then cause a health risk. Saving you time and money is what Solar Pigeon Proofing want to do for you with our mesh for solar panels. Some other benefits include:

  • Wire mesh for solar panels is exceptionally durable and can withstand the elements of Australia. Having UV chemical protection, it last for anything from six to ten years.
  • We can mount wire mesh to any panel with a bracket size of more than 30mm, making it easy to install as you don’t need a large strand of mesh.
  • The protection of the solar panel will not harm the warranty of the actual panel.
  • It will not cause any damage to the wiring of your panels either, as we install them at a safe distance.
  • The biggest problem it will solve is those recurring maintenance costs with the pests making their nests underneath your panels.

Solar panels are there to make our lives easier and to use a cleaner energy source, but no one signed up for the nightmare of pests lurking about underneath. Wire mesh is your answer so that you can enjoy your panel to its fullest. Don’t worry about the look of the mesh either, because you won’t even notice its neutral black colour.

Tips Regarding Solar Panel Protection

With the considerable investment of going solar, you will be saving the carbon offset, and you’ll also save the monthly cost you spent on the power grid, but all of that can become problems very fast if you don’t take care of your solar panels. Instead of holding onto the warranty, there are simple steps you can take to protect your panels and keep them working for longer.

  • Monitor the power outset from the panels. If there is a malfunction anywhere in or on the panels, it can cause the power to take a dip, and this will give you a clear indication to inspect the system yourself to see where the problem is or to get someone in to investigate for you.
  • This is one of the easiest ways to protect your panel but is also one of the more overlooked ways. Over time debris will start to form on the panels causing a slight decline in efficiency. You can purchase professional cleaning products and equipment to clean the panels yourself or the safer option is to get someone with the right expertise to do it.
  • After installing your panels, you can’t just sit back and watch them work; they will need regular maintenance to avoid damage and spot potential risks early.

Why Trust Solar Pigeon Proofing Regarding Netting for Solar Panels

Our experienced team and excellent products will ensure accurate results when it comes to protecting your solar panels. High grade and robust netting are what we can do for you.

Contact us today to speak to a team member.