Solar Panel Bird Guards

Effective Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons

Pigeons and other animals have decided that the tight space between your roof and solar panels is the perfect spot under which to build their nests. Perfect for them, but a royal mess for the homeowner. Installing solar panel bird guards is a simple and effective solution, a humane method of preventing pigeons and other animals from invading our homes.

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The importance of Solar Panel Pigeon Guards

Birds have taken to being urbanised like the proverbial duck to water, especially the ubiquitous pigeon. Our technological advances keep providing them with new and novel places to nest and mess. Not designed for nesting birds, sites will soon suffer the following:

The mess that pigeons make under your solar panels can be severely detrimental to your and your family’s health. Nests and droppings can contain transmittable diseases and ectoparasites (like lice, ticks and mites).

The droppings – and any dead birds and chicks – will soon emanate a horrible smell that will cancel any barbie by the pool, and the droppings being highly acidic, will stain and corrode roofing and other building materials.

Nesting under the panels also means that the birds will sit on the edges of the panels and do their messy business and cause smears all over the place, thereby lowering the efficiency of your expensive solar panels or even damaging them.

What You Can Expect from Solar Pigeon Proofing

We specialise in providing solar panel pigeon guards that are effective, competitively priced and looks good on your roof. Here are some more highlights:

The materials used for our solar panel pigeon guards (UV protected HDPE plastic and PVC coated stainless steel) are safe for use on your steel roof.

A standard kit of 30 metres of mesh includes sufficient fasteners, made from durable aluminium, and will attach to nearly all solar panel brands without modification.

The tools required for installations are simply a pair of tin snips, side cutters and gloves. A tape measure and a ladder are optional. The kit includes an easy to read booklet that explains the whole process of fitting the mesh. If, however, climbing onto roofs is not your thing, you can contact one of our installers in your area.

If installed per the instructions, we offer a whopping six-year warranty on your solar panel pigeon guards.

About Solar Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons under your panels are a pest. Even if they have not yet discovered the lodgings on your roof, the next time you check, they’ll be there. Keep these possible health risks out by installing our bird proofing mesh around your solar panels. We’ve been installing pigeon proofing for years and are confident that our solar products are the best quality and highly effective. Standard kits and expansion packs are available for prompt delivery.

More information is available on our website’s FAQ page, and be sure to look at the photos of successful installations of our product done by other homeowners. Contact us for more information.

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